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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide a simple easy to use web experience for families to purchase school supplies at a reasonable price and forward the proceeds to the school of their children or school(s) of their choice. Financial transparency is one of the key elements we stride for so to make sure our users will never have to second guess where the money is going.

Who We Are

We are parents with small children in elementary school and we realized that we can help the parents like ourselves to save some time and provide our kids’ school an efficient way to raise funds for education at the same time.

How the Program works

We work with schools to publish the lists of school supplies needed for the school year and provide an online shopping interface to allow parents to buy all the necessary supplies with a few simple clicks on our website. We plan to arrange the bulk delivery of school supplies to schools to further reduce the cost so to increase the dollar amount donated to school of our children. Our children will not need to carry all the supplies on the 1st day of school as they will already be waiting for them at school. Unlike most other fundraisers, we publish our retail price and cost up front and provide a summarized total of fund that will be donated to the school from your purchases.
Ads will be displayed here.